Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tips to Stop Hoarding in its Tracks

All You Need to Know About the Quick Tips to Stop Hoarding in Its Tracks

Are you a hoarder? Did you know that hoarding is sometimes hereditary? It can actually get passed through generations like a disease. Hoarding is not about being lazy or stubborn or too attached to worldly possessions. This article should give you some real insight and good advice for your own issues.


  1. Recognizing hoarding: Hoarding is a disorder as categorized in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (DSM-5). It is closely related to OCD. Hoarding is a disorder that focusses on having difficulty parting with physical possessions. This is not linked to value, just the mere possession of the object. If you feel like you have a serious disorder, make sure you contact a therapist for help. Hoarding creates a heap of active clutter in the living home areas or the workplace of the person. The items are rarely used but the individual still feels the need to retain them. The main symptom of hoarding is significant distress for self and also for others. Therefore, you might not be a hoarder but you might have the tendencies. Make sure you evaluate yourself and know where you lie.
  2. Slow down: Do not impulsively throw away everything. Take your time and analyze why you are have chosen to keep something. If you throw everything away, this may lead to feelings of anxiety and regret.
  3. Limit the number of times you handle items: Refrain from handling things one at a time. Make sure that you make decisions immediately instead of setting aside to go through again later. This is a common practice for people who hoard emails.
  4. Scale down: Most of us like to hang on to some of our childhood memorabilia. The best thing to do is group similar items and pick one to keep. Have your children choose two or three of their childhood artwork or collections and discard of the rest. You may miss these things right off the bat but in the long run, they won’t mean much to you either way.
  5. Box them: If you can’t throw it away, at least store it in a box. This’ll make it easier to find things and get around your home as well as get rid of things when you realize that you haven’t opened a certain box since you put the items in there.
  6. Toss the items that are not regularly used: We all have general things that we keep around in the hopes of using it some day. If it’s not something you’re sure you’ll use, you might as well just get rid of it. Once your area is clean, the best thing you can do for yourself is keep it that way.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

What Junk CAN We Pick Up?

All You Need To Know About the Junk We Can Pick-Up

Are you on the lookout for a professional and capable junk removal services? You are in luck, Mc-Junk is the premier junk removal service in the area. The best aspects of junk removal is that it’s done at an affordable price point and we absolutely recycle as much as we can. Eighty percent of junk that we haul ends up being recycled. McJunk is very environmentally conscious and is consistently improving our own recycling methods. We can recycle most items and types of things that may be around your home and business, even large machines like an old tv or copy machine. When it comes down to it though, it’s all about getting your area clean. If we come out and do work for you, we guarantee that it will be done both efficiently and completely, to the best of our abilities.

We pick up anything that our customers no longer want and needs such as old electronics, household goods, yard waste, demolition and construction debris, furniture, and appliances, among other things. We do NOT, however, do anything with hazardous waste. If you have that, you’re going to need to get in touch with more specialty services. Contact us and we can talk about your junk removal needs, what you can do to prepare for us, and just to chat about any questions on concerns you may have! We’re lucky to be able to work with both residential & commercial clients.

Residential Junk Removal

Other junk removal services could be costing you a ton of extra cash, you need to check out McJunk!

We pick up junk from residential homes all over the triangle area on a daily basis. It’s easy to let a lot of stuff start collecting in your home and before long, it can be overwhelming. People contact us to haul their junk because we have a top-notch reputation for working well with anyone, and getting our jobs done completely and in a timely manner. We’re also very affordable compared to other junk removal services.

We remove junk from less traditional residential areas such as barns, yard, storage sheds, basements, garages, and attics, among other areas. These are the most common areas where you’ll find junk is stored in most homes. The best part about our service is that you do not have to do the heavy lifting or even think about your junk again, once we’re on the job, it’s all as good as gone. As professional junk removers, we’re always ecstatic to see a job well done. That feeling of accomplishment when a tough job is well done is unrivaled.

Commercial Junk Removal

Unlike residential homes, businesses tend to accumulate more junk faster. They just have more people working in them, using more resources. No one wants their business to be full of a bunch of junk because it just looks unappealing and turns people off. McJunk has professional experience when it comes to dealing with trash in commercial settings, from a few big old copy machines to getting rid of 20 office chairs, we can take whatever you need us to! With all of our experience, we can even come in during work hours and make very minimal distractions. We have mastered the art of doing our job but staying un-noticed. But we do also offer after hour services if we need to come in when no other employees are there. Then we can really focus on the work and getting it done in a timely manner.