Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What Kind of Junk Removal Projects Should I Leave to the Pros?

Shopping around for a junk removal service to help you can get overwhelming just because of the number of offers you’re going to see. The biggest differences you’re going to come across will be experience, cost, and the general quality of the work that’s done. All factors matter, but at the end of the day it’s generally going to be most important to ensure

Hire for The Job

The best thing that you can do is ask yourself, “What do I need to be done and can I accomplish it myself, or am I better off having it done professionally?”. Just as you shouldn’t hire the local one-man crew to clean a 20,000 square foot home, you don’t need a 15-man team to clean out a few rooms in a mobile home. Do some pre-planning and think about roughly what it may take for certain areas of your home to be cleaned. Look for a junk removal company that can fit their service to best meet your needs.

The next question that you need to ask yourself when you are trying to figure out what kind of junk-removal jobs you need to leave to the professionals is what kind of equipment you need to do the work that needs to be done. The last thing you need is a junk removal crew coming over with nothing but their hands to move things. Often times junk removal requires tools, and it’s for the best of the safety of everyone that dollies and back braces are worn!

It’s Often Cheaper to Work With the Pro’s

For most people by the time you really get invested in and ready for a big home junk removal project, you’re probably going to spend a ton of time and money collecting all the things you need. The thing about the pro’s is they have all of this gear ready to go and more experience than you could ever get. When you work with McJunk Oakwood home cleaners.

So again, it’s always going to depend based on your needs and what you yourself are capable of. If you can clean it all yourself then great, do that! But more often than not it’s going to be best to just hire a professional junk removal company and let them handle it all for you, headache-free.

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Why Leave Junk Removal to the Experts?

When it comes to getting your junk out of your Raleigh – Midtown home, why should you turn to an expert for help? There are countless upsides to working with professional junk removers over doing the work yourself or hiring amateurs and hoping you can point them in the right direction. At McJunk we’re called junk removal professionals because we know what we’re doing, and we have the knowledge needed to resolve just about any junk related issue we come across.

Get Junk Gone – Now!

One of the best reasons why you need to let a junk removal specialists get your junk out of your home is that they can get rid of it all as safely as possible. Often times when you hire amateurs they’re going to arrive with nothing more than their hands, lacking any of the equipment they may need to transport heavier or more cumbersome objects. One slip or mistake, and you could find yourself in a legal battle. If you don’t want this to happen, then it would be a good idea to let them deal with your junk instead of letting them deal with your junk for you.

The other reason why you should let the junk removal specialists take care of your junk is that they will likely have some form of insurance on the area that they are working on. This means that you will have some sort of coverage in the event that something goes wrong with the process. If you don’t have insurance, then you will have to pay out of pocket if something happens during the junk removal. You could end up having to pay quite a bit of money if this were to happen. Mcjunk is the premier junk removal service in the Midtown-Raleigh area

Quality Work, Backed by Insurance

Another reason why you should let the junk removal specialists deal with your junk is that they will be able to do a better job. This means that they will probably know that junk areas to avoid and which areas of your home might require more attention. This means that they will be able to get rid of all the trash that they can without causing any damage to the areas that they are working on.

Lastly, it is important to consider how much time and effort the junk removal specialists will need to put into their job. Most junk removal companies will be charging by the cubic foot. This means that you need to make sure that you work out how much space you are dealing with before you hire them. You do not want to hire someone who is going to charge more for the job than what you would have to pay for it if you had to hire them by the cubic foot.

As you can see, there are many reasons why it might be a good idea to let the junk removal specialists take care of your junk. So, when you are looking for a company to handle your junk, make sure that you think about these reasons before you choose the best one for you.

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How Efficient is a Junk Removal Company Really?

If you’ve ever wondered “how much more efficient is a professional junk removal company than me?”, well you’re not alone. But the answer is simple, it depends on what type of junk you have to get rid of. If it is a lot of old junk like books and magazines that you have accumulated over time that you want out of your home you are going to be better off hiring a general junk removal company. If you have junk in part of your home that you want taken care of but first want to go through every piece before you throw something away, well that situation you’ll be better suited to just sort it out yourself then have the pro’s come in to haul it all away for you. It would be a waste of your own money to have a crew like ourselves just stand around while you sort through things when we could be moving! Again, it all comes down to your exact needs and what’s going to work out best for you at the end of the day!

Junk Removal – You’re Better off Calling the Pro’s

McJunk Owners and crewHow much more efficient is a professional junk removal company than me? For one thing, if you hire a company that specializes in removal you are going to find that they have more equipment to help remove the junk. Do remember to mention any size constraints, say you live in a small apartment for example, then you may be able to bring less cleaners in. The biggest perk of hiring the pros is that you can rest assured they can remove relatively everything you may need them to. Weight and size, which are the biggest issues the average person runs into, will be no matter for professional junk removers.

A lot of people tell us the best thing for them was McJunk just taking away their headache and getting rid of their junk right when you need it. When it’s just you, or you and a few others stuck cleaning up a lot of stuff, it quickly gets overwhelming. Often that leads into the job taking weeks, months, even years of work to get done. When you call in a professional like McJunk you can rest assured and all junk you want to go will be gone in very little time.

Brier Creek Junk Removal

The last big thing client tells us is that when they call us and know we’ll be out with a full crew in days to take care of them, we offer them great peace of mind. The assurance that yes, your problem will be dealt with soon. Having junk and not being able to use your space the way you want just plain sucks. McJunk handles a lot of Brier Creek Junk Removal Services, we’re familiar with the area.

For the safety of yourself and your own family alone, it’s worth trusting McJunk with all of your Raleigh & Brier Creek junk removal needs. We’ve lived in and been working in the area for many years now, we know the people and the areas very well. We are also very dedicated to recycling, we work hard to be sustainable and recycle as much as we can.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

How To Move Heavy Items Safely

Carrying and lifting heavy objects is a serious business and should be treated as such. This activity is perilous because if precautions are not taken, it poses a risk and may cause injuries. Every individual and business needs to clean out their space once in a while to remove unnecessary or outdated items. It is not good to hoard, and excess objects should always be removed. Here are some heavy junk removal tips to keep you safe when doing this task.

Moving Heavy Items

Get The Right Equipment

Planning the cleanup and removal must be done beforehand, so the right tools are available. One such tool is a furniture slider. These are pieces of rubber and plastic that are utilized to move heavy objects without damaging the floor. Using sliders requires minimum effort for the person moving the item. Sliders reduce the friction between the object and the floor, allowing them to glide across the surface with ease. If sliders don’t work, then a moving dolly is the next option. A dolly is best for items with a small footprint and vertical stature (i.e., a stack of boxes, filing cabinet). A dolly minimizes effort and risk.

Master Lifting

Junk removal requires lifting heavy objects, and this is why one needs to master their technique. Here are a few techniques to practice to minimize risk while lifting heavy objects:

  • Wear gloves
  • Practice a firm grip to avoid slipping
  • Always lift by bending knees
  • The back should be straight at all times
  • Keep the object close to the body at waist level

Get Professional Help

If there are many items, hiring professional help is the best junk removal tip one can utilize. Not everyone can move heavy objects by themselves, and they shouldn’t risk injury by trying. In this case, professional assistance is required and should be called. It will make work easier and completely eradicate any risk. Before hiring, verify that the company has the experience necessary and is licensed and bonded.

McJunk to the Rescue

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to heavy objects. Moving them should not be taken lightly, as it can cause serious harm. Hire professional help such as McJunk. We specialize in junk removal and provide a sustainable and cost-effective service—call 919-850-4377 to schedule a pick-up today.

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Monday, August 3, 2020

Disposing of Old Tools and Equipment

There is excitement about the upcoming summer season. It’s time to get active in gardening activities. The first thing to do is clear a sunny area in the yard for planting. However, what is your plan for disposing of the junk occupying this unused yard space? Many people worry about what to do with their broken lawnmowers, rusted shovels, old wheelbarrows, and other tools accumulated in those underused corners of the yard. You cannot just place this idle equipment in the recycle bin. Here are some tips on how to dispose of these tools without adding them to the landfill.

Sort the Equipment

Start with checking and sorting your items as repairable, recyclable, disposable, and the ones which are worth donating.


Troubleshoot your equipment before disposing of it.  Many times equipment that isn’t working, can be easily fixed if you are able identify the problem.  Here’s a few steps to try that might bring a piece of equipment back to life.

Lawn Mowers – After the long winter, it’s common that there is a problem starting the lawnmower. However, this is not a reason to get a new lawnmower. Troubleshoot the problem, try the following tips:

  • Try igniting 3-4 times
  • Check for gas
  • Check the filters and clean them if required
  • Check if the oil needs changing

If these tips don’t resolve the problem, consider hiring a repair service. If the lawnmower is old and repairs will cost more than a new mower, you may want to purchase a replacement.

Chainsaws – Chainsaws may also have problems starting after a period of non-use. To troubleshoot your chainsaw, try the following:

  • Adjust the chain to required tightness, replace the chain in case of rust or breakage
  • Check if the bar is perfectly straight. Any bends or rust in the bar can cause a malfunction
  • Check if the ratio of gas to oil is perfect. In case there is any imbalance, the chainsaw may not operate smoothly.

Leaf blowers – Leaf blowers can get clogged and might stop functioning altogether. In such a case, you need to remove the nozzle of the blower and clean out the debris. If your troubleshooting is unsuccessful, old leaf blowers can be recycled. Look for a recycling center in your area or contact a junk removal company Raleigh.

Weed Eaters – If your electric weed eater is not functioning correctly, check the cord because a frayed power cord is the most common cause for weed eaters to not function. If your gas weed eater isn’t working, check that the gas-oil mixture used is correct. If you need to dispose of the weed eater, look for a recycling center that accepts them. If it is gas-powered, be sure the gas tank is empty before disposal.

If you’re looking for junk removal in Raleigh that can help you discard your old yard tools, contact McJunk. Leave this job up to us. We’ll recycle, donate, or properly dispose of any items we remove. Call 919-850-4377 to schedule a pick-up.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Mattress Recycling – Your Guide

Recycling is a great way to help the environment and maintain resources without risking further harm to regions affected by mining, foresting, or drilling. As technology advances, more and more items are recyclable, which means reduced consumption of raw materials and continued production and commerce. Sometimes what can and cannot be recycled might surprise people, and that includes mattresses.

The bulk of a mattress can be recycled. Metal springs can be melted down and reused just like regular scrap metal; wooden pieces can be turned into wood chips, and the various mattress padding materials, which generally consist of foam, cotton, or felt, are useful for recycling into carpet pads.

Of course, mattresses tend to be bulky and heavy, so they cannot generally be placed on the curb for pick-up by the weekly recycling truck. They’re also usually too big for most recycling centers, though that may vary depending on the center in question. So, what should you do?

If a new mattress was purchased to replace an old one, ask the company where you bought the new mattress if they’ll pick up the old one for recycling. Many mattress stores will do this for free or a small fee.

Also, as previously noted, some recycling centers can handle large, bulky items. However, it’s always a good idea to check first before hauling something substantial and risking it not to be accepted.

An alternative for people who can’t haul the mattress themselves is a junk removal company. This option is a benefit for people who can’t move something bulky but still want to do their part in helping the environment. Large bulky items fill the precious space of landfills. Look for a junk removal company that is committed to recycling, repurposing, or donating items, when possible.

A junk removal company will come to your home and haul away any unwanted items in your basement, attic, or garage. They will do all the heavy lifting. You won’t have to think about what’s recyclable because they will do that for you. They also know the best places in your area to donate items.

Disposing of a mattress can be tricky, so call in the experts – McJunk. They know the correct way to handle mattress disposal so that it does not end in a landfill. Contact them today for all your junk removal in Raleigh. Call 919-850-4377.

Monday, June 15, 2020

What NOT To Recycle In Your Curbside Recycling Bin

Recycling is an essential part of protecting the environment against excessive waste and dangerous chemicals. Whether taking the recyclables to a local center or leaving them in a bin beside the trash for pickup, people tend to under-think what can and cannot be recycled. As a result, it’s not uncommon for stuff that cannot be recycled in the curbside pickup bin to be placed there anyway. This placement is a problem because not only is the bulk of recyclables hand-inspected at some point in the process, some materials, if recycled, can jam up the machines or are hazardous to people or the environment.

That said, just because something can’t be placed on the curb for recycling pickup doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled at all. There are plenty of items that can be recycled as long as they are taken to a properly designated collection site. Good examples of this are batteries, plastic bags, yard waste, and wood. All of these items can be recycled, but they cannot be placed outside for curbside pickup. These items can be dangerous to the environment or damage the recycling truck. Plastic bags will jam up the recycling sorting machines. Fortunately, large retailers and electronic stores usually have places to recycle items that are not allowed in curbside pick up bins. As for yard waste, in some areas, there are seasonal pickup schedules, generally in the autumn for leaf disposal. Also, there is often Christmas tree recycling in January.

Other items that can be recycled but not picked up at the curb are large pieces of plastic, like old playsets. Appliances can also be recycled, but are too complicated for curbside recycling. These items can be recycled at centers or sold for scrap. Otherwise, they’ll likely end up in a landfill. Hazardous materials, electronics, and old propane tanks also need to be recycled by specialists. If not properly handled, these items can pose a danger not just to the curbside pickup folks, but also the environment.

As for the stuff that can be put on the curb for pickup, like tuna cans and milk jugs, make sure they are rinsed out; otherwise, it won’t be recycled. Such containers can spread mold, mildew, and bacteria if not properly cleaned. Hence, they’re tossed aside during the sorting process. Here’s a straightforward rule: If your recycling bin smells, you are doing it wrong.

People curious about what can be recycled, but not picked up at the curb, should review their local recycling company’s website for a list of items they accept. Look at general recycling websites to find out what other things are recyclable and recommendations where they can be taken. Plenty of stuff can be recycled; just not all can be picked up from the curb.

Let McJunk haul away and recycle large items. McJunk will pick up your unwanted items and recycle, repurpose, or donate those items for you. Call for junk pickup in Durham at 919-850-4377.