Monday, June 6, 2022

3 Ways to Beat Garage Clutter

It’s funny that garages were designed for cars, but they are used as storage units for extraneous stuff in many cases. Most Americans admit to not even being able to fit their car in the garage. But stop for a moment and imagine a space where you could park, work, enjoy hobbies, or set up a gym. The possibilities are endless.

After years of living in the same house, your garage can take on a lot of clutter. It becomes that black hole where things go and are never seen again. You tell yourself you’ll get to it, but you don’t know where to start every time you attempt to declutter. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to clean and organize an area with diverse belongings, but here are a few tips.

Tips for Junk Removal in Garner, NC: Decluttering the Garage

Separate The Mess

The first step in organizing your clutter is to divide it up. You’ll want to create several categories: what to keep, donate, sell, and throw away. The keep pile is always the easiest, but people have trouble with the other categories. For example, if something has sentimental value, that’s fine, but some people think that about every item, which makes getting rid of things more difficult. In this case, ask someone objective to help sort through things.

You can donate tons of things to local charities (be sure to check what they do and do not accept as donations). If you’d rather see cash, set items aside for a garage sale, but if they don’t sell, you need to have a plan B to get rid of them eventually. Do not put them back into your garage! Also, if you have any hazardous waste or chemicals (i.e., paint, insecticides, etc.), dispose of them carefully and lawfully.


When you’ve finally finished sorting through all your belongings and deciding which ones to keep, you’ll need to organize them before putting them back in your garage. This isn’t always a simple task and can take some time, so be patient with this process. Remember to label every storage box or container -you’ll thank yourself later.


Once you get your garage cleaned up, you’ll want to keep it that way. It’s much easier to maintain a tidy space than clean it again. A decluttered space is pleasing to the eye, and it reduces your stress when you’re in your garage. In addition, you’ll have more room for other activities. You do have the space. You need to declutter and prioritize it!


Are you decluttering your garage, attic, or basement? Do you need help with junk removal in Garner, NC? McJunk can help. Our team will sort items and recycle, donate or dispose of them for you. No job is too big or too small. Contact us at 919-850-4377 and see what we can do for you.

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Monday, May 9, 2022

5 Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning not only refreshes your home but can also boost your health? Spring cleaning may seem like an overwhelming annual chore but reframing it as beneficial as taking vitamins or starting a new weight loss regime can make it more palatable.

Spring Cleaning Benefits

Here are five benefits:

Less clutter = less chaos. Can we all agree that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed these days? It’s bad enough having mental clutter (especially in the digital age), but physical clutter can contribute to feeling overloaded and constricted. A study by Princeton University found that clutter can make it difficult for people to maintain focus on a particular task. It may be hard to get rid of things (almost everyone plays the game of “what if I need this someday?”), but the additional space, increased sense of focus, and control gained are priceless.

Less dust = more breathability. Did you know that the average home collects 40 pounds of dust each year? Dust, soot, dirt, and grime grow in the least obvious places. If left unchecked, these particles settle in homes and can also infiltrate respiratory systems. So, getting rid of dust and letting in some new air can work wonders for your ability to breathe (especially if you have asthma, allergies, or other breathing issues). Besides, there’s nothing like breathing fresh air to make a space feel new.

Fewer germs = less infection. Sanitizing surfaces and removing dirt also get rid of germs and bacteria. In this day and age, the fewer germs and bacteria roaming around, the less likely a cold, flu, or other diseases will occur.

Healthier nutrition = better health. You clear a path towards more vitality by purging expired ingredients and food. When ingredients are old and stale, they lend themselves to bacteria and bland food. Getting rid of them means healthier (and tastier) recipes and meals.

Free exercise. There is no need to pack a gym bag – spring cleaning meets you right where you are. Spring cleaning isn’t as demanding as, say, training to run a triathlon, but it all depends on the effort you put into it. An Indiana University study found that people who lived in clean houses tend to have much better health than those who lived in messy ones. (And besides, doing something is better for your body than sitting on the couch and watching Netflix, right?).

With this, and so many other benefits available to you, it’s time to pick up that feather duster and get your spring cleaning on.


Let us help with your spring cleaning. McJunk can haul away all your unwanted items in one easy step. Our teams will sort and then recycle, donate or dispose of each item. So give us a call at 919-850-4377 and schedule a pick-up today.

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Monday, April 4, 2022

Organizing Your Junk Drawer

Junk drawers are a collection spot for all the random or miscellaneous items around the house that are useful but do not have a specific place to go. For example, scissors, batteries, spare keys, pens, and bandages are everyday items in most junk drawers.

Junk Removal Tips: Junk Drawer Organizing

If there is more than one junk drawer or catch-all place in the home, it may be time to consolidate and declutter. Here are some junk removal tips to help clean out that drawer.

Empty The Junk Drawer

Before any organizing can begin, one must know what is in the drawer. Pull everything out of the junk drawer and lay it out where it is visible. Throw away any trash, expired coupons, old carry-out menus, etc. Now look at what’s left. Divide items into two piles – what to keep and get rid of. Finally, separate the “keep” pile by where the item is used. Like goes with like. For example, office supplies will go together. If anything in the junk drawer can be given a more permanent home, it is time to move it.

Choose an Organization Method

There is more than one way to keep a drawer organized. Once everything is out in the open, it is easy to see what organization method will work best. For example, using different-sized boxes or containers can help create smaller areas within the drawer to keep items from getting mixed up. Many stores sell drawer organizers or silverware keepers that work well. Perhaps leaving the objects loose in the drawer is fine once extraneous items are removed.

Don’t Have a Junk Drawer?

Not all junk drawers have to be actual drawers. Any place that allows for storage can end up being the proverbial junk collection spot. Ottomans, closets, storage cubes, hanging baskets, or even a countertop can all end up used as a catch-all space.

The idea and process of decluttering remain the same even if the location is different. Empty the spot, take an inventory of items, toss out any trash, organize and arrange what is left back into the space.

Inspired to Clean Out More?

Decluttering is contagious. Cleaning out a junk drawer can turn into cleaning out a closet which then turns into organizing the garage. Now there is a pile of large junk that needs to go somewhere. Get that junk from a home or office taken away without lifting a finger. McJunk offers a full range of junk removal services. We accept almost anything, and 80% of what we haul away is donated, recycled, or remade. Call 919-850-4377 and book an estimate for junk removal.

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Getting Rid of Old Couches and Furniture

Disposing of old furniture can be challenging. This problem is especially true for large, bulky pieces like old couches. The initial reaction is to toss the furniture onto the curb and let the garbage truck handle the problem, but many curbside waste disposal companies will not pick up bulk items. Other solutions exist, though they can depend mainly on the actual condition of the furniture when it is time for disposal.

Junk Removal in Durham NC: Getting Rid of Old Furniture

Evaluating the Furniture

How desirable the furniture is can affect its disposal. For example, solid wood furniture in excellent condition is quickly sold or donated. On the other hand, getting rid of a ratty sleeper sofa is difficult. (Sleeper sofas, in general, tend to be the most difficult to dispose of because they are heavy). Finding the best solution for furniture removal might take some time, but it will be well worth it once it’s gone.

Most garbage trucks refuse to handle couches or other furniture because there’s a risk that such hefty pieces of junk will jam the truck compactor. So instead, it’s suggested that sofas and other furniture be sold, donated, dropped off at the dump, or removed by a professional junk hauler.

Sell or Give Away

Selling is an option for furniture in decent condition. Consignment and thrift stores are excellent options for selling furniture. For those who can’t transport the furniture out of the home, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are options as well. Don’t need the money? List the price as free.


If the furniture is usable, many nonprofit organizations will pick up pieces to sell or give to those in need. Picking up the item is especially handy for people who don’t have a way to transport the furniture to a drop-off location. Try contacting the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, or AMVETS in your area.

Dump or Landfill

If the couch cannot be reused, take it to the dump or landfill. First, check to see if the facility will accept furniture. If they take it, ask if they charge a fee. Sometimes there is an additional fee for large items. Please note that this is the least environmentally friendly option.

Professional Junk Hauler

If you want the furniture gone and don’t want to deal with how to do it, contact a professional junk hauler like McJunk. One call, and your worries are over. McJunk will come to your home, evaluate the furniture, haul it away and either donate it, recycle it or properly dispose of it. So, give us a call today at 919-850-4377 to handle all your residential junk removal in Durham NC.

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Monday, February 7, 2022

Junk Disposal During Remodeling Projects

There comes a time when most homeowners realize that their living space is no longer meeting their needs. So, the first thing they do is hire a home remodeling company or start a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. Either way, home remodeling projects tend to generate quite a bit of waste materials and other junk, such as old fixtures, appliances, and cabinets.

Junk Removal in Apex NC: Remodeling Project Waste

It is estimated that about 30% of waste in landfills comes from home remodeling endeavors. Home remodeling can be an exhilarating experience, but junk can often be an eyesore in your home and neighborhood. So, what can homeowners do in a situation like this? Keep reading to learn how to best deal with home remodeling junk removal.

What Are the Options for Junk Removal?

For the most part, home remodeling generates large objects like drywall pieces, doors, wall paneling, or cabinets that can’t fit in ordinary garbage trucks. In addition, most curbside trash collectors refuse to pick up construction refuse. Generally, a homeowner only has a couple of options to deal with waste and junk items generated from their home remodeling project. However, below are some options that are available in most areas.

Haul It Yourself. If you have a large truck and the project is small, this might be the solution. But check a few things first: Are you physically able and have the time to load all the debris into the truck? Does the local dump or landfill accept construction debris? Is there a fee? How many trips will it take?

Dumpster Rental. Most dumpster rental companies offer affordable rates. In addition, they usually provide dumpsters in several sizes, such as 10, 20, and 30 yards. DIY homeowners need only determine the size their project requires.

Junk Removal Company.  Hiring a junk removal company is an excellent option for DIYers who aren’t interested in loading and hauling their unwanted junk to a landfill. In addition, many junk removal companies will sort the materials into recyclables, reusables, and trash and dispose of them accordingly. Junk removal companies are the most reliable option for homeowners who want to keep their renovation waste out of landfills.

Residential Junk Removal at Its Finest

When homeowners in the Raleigh Triangle area decide to turn to a junk removal company for their home remodel, the obvious choice is McJunk. The company’s residential junk removal services are top-tier, and their experienced staff will take away unwanted junk and deal with it responsibly. As the Triangle’s greenest junk removal company, McJunk will thoroughly sort through the junk they remove from any residence to determine the best course of action. In addition, they collaborate with many charities and nonprofits to donate and salvage usable items.


McJunk has provided professional junk removal services since 2008. If you or someone you know needs home remodeling junk disposed of responsibly, contact them at 919-850-4377 for an estimate now.

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Monday, January 10, 2022

Why Spring Is a Great Time for Spring Cleaning

The transition from winter to spring is transformative as nature pushes itself out of dormancy and prepares for the warm weather ahead. Some experts say that spring is the perfect time to open windows and air out the living space. Likewise, as a society, we consider this season of rebirth the ideal time for rearranging and cleaning, otherwise known as “Spring Cleaning.” The excessive clutter accumulated during our own “hibernation” becomes an annoyance. So why does this stuff seem like a burden in the springtime? Let’s discuss some benefits of why spring is an excellent time for “spring cleaning.”

Why Spring Is the Perfect Season to Clean

According to a Bona and Harris Poll survey, 50% of the adults in America believe that spring is the best time for cleaning, decluttering and removing junk from home. So, what are the resulting benefits?

  • A clean, organized home reduces anxiety and creates a calm environment
  • Getting rid of unwanted items is a cleansing experience and lifts spirits
  • Less dust and allergens to inhale
  • Cleans mold and mildew and the harm they cause people
  • Improves air quality when windows are opened, and the home is aired out
  • Reduces the number of harmful bacteria on surfaces
  • Reduces risk of slipping, tripping, or falling due to accumulated clutter in hallways, pathways, and stairways
  • Decreases risk of fire when piles of combustible materials are removed
  • The physical act of cleaning gets the blood flowing after a season of inactivity
  • Activities at home (i.e., cooking, working, etc.) are more efficient because needed items are easily located

Undoubtedly, spring cleaning is a positive experience, but what if it’s not going according to plan this year?

Professional Junk Removal

Spring cleaning can sound so easy, but sometimes piles of junk have a way of making it challenging. That’s why junk removal professionals focus on providing efficient, quality customer service.


As the greenest junk removal company in North Carolina, McJunk strives to keep 80% of the junk they haul from going into a landfill. Locally owned and operated since 2008, McJunk specializes in hoarder, estate, and whole-house cleanouts. Don’t trust just anyone to handle your junk removal needs. These junk removal specialists are timely, polite, and customer oriented. McJunk’s friendly staff understands that spring cleaning is a crucial part of the year that gives individuals the fresh start they need to begin the year on the right foot. They offer a free, no-obligation estimate. So, whether you need junk removed from a business, estate, or construction site, jump-start your spring-cleaning efforts and call (919) 850-4377 today.

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Monday, December 6, 2021

Best Ways to Get Rid of an Old TV Set

There comes a time when you no longer need that old TV set staring right back at you, and you’ll want to dispose of it once and for all. However, that old television should not be thrown in the curbside trash because it can leak toxic chemicals into the environment and cause water pollution. So, what are your options?

You can try to sell it (if it still works), take it to a local recycling center (if you have one), or contact a residential junk removal service that can handle it all for you. Let’s walk through these options and help you decide which is the best for you.

Junk Removal in Garner NC: Safe Old TV Disposal


Not all recycling companies are willing to take an old TV because they are difficult to recycle. So before heading off to your local center, be sure to check to see if they accept them. In addition, be sure to ask if they charge a fee.

If you don’t know of a local recycling center that will accept TVs for recycling, go to On the site, you enter the item you want to recycle and your zip code, and it will give you information on the recycling options in your area.

Some retail stores that sell televisions offer recycling services for old ones. For example, Best Buy, the big-box electronics store, provides this service. Don’t live near a Best Buy? Go to This website will let you know if any stores in your area accept old TVs.

Sell the Old TV

Selling your old TV might seem like a fast option, but it may not be. With the price of new televisions so low, most people won’t want to spend much on an old one. Instead, try putting it on local online marketplaces (i.e., Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List, etc.). If you merely want to get rid of the TV, list the price as “free.”

Community eWaste Drop-off Day

If your community organizes an eWaste drop-off, that’s an excellent opportunity to dispose of your TV appropriately. Most times, the services are free. However, if you have an old-school cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV, you could be asked to pay a small fee. The downside is that you’ll have to store your old TV until the drop-off day.

Hire a Professional Junk Removal

Junk removal companies can help. They know where in your area to recycle, donate or dispose of practically every item in your home. The price is pocket-friendly, and the professionalism is top-notch. Do you need professional junk removal in Garner NC? McJunk is only a call away. Schedule a pick up today by calling 919-850-4377.

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