Monday, May 4, 2020

Your Guide To Proper TV Disposal

Disposing of the waste is a big challenge, especially when they pose a threat to the environment. When talking about the old TV boxes with CRT tubes (better known as cathode ray tubes) is a problem. Almost 70% of people have already replaced these older TV boxes with the newer ultra-slim television sets; however, some of us still have these older tv sets lying around in our basements, attics, and garages. Now, the task is to find a safe way for residential junk removal. Here are the how and why of disposing of older TVs and other electronic goods.

Recycle Your E- Goods

Environmentalists and many governments stress that electronic products (also known as the E- products) must be recycled. There are multiple reasons to recycle; here are just a few of the reasons:
Most electronic waste, including older television sets, contain toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, polyvinyl chloride, and chromium. These goods, when disposed of in landfills, result in soil pollution due to leaching. There is also a danger of polluting groundwater. To prevent contamination, these products must be recycled and not dumped in landfills.

The raw materials for assembling and manufacturing the E-products are highly valuable. Valuable raw materials can be utilized in newer systems. The difficulty is extracting the materials. Companies that produce these products need to engineer ways to recycle the elements easier and cheaper.

Further, landfills need to remain usable for more extended periods. If large items such as TV sets are not disposed of in landfills, that goal is attainable. Reusing or recycling offers relief to Mother Nature in terms of exhaustion of resources.

What To Do With Your Old TV Set

Recycle: If you’ve decided to get the old TV set recycled, then you must know how to get it done. Search for electronic recyclers in your area. Some large retail stores that sell electronics also offer recycling programs.

TV Replacement: If replacing your older TV set with a newer one, see if the retailer offers an exchange deal wherein you can save some pennies by bringing in your older set. If the TV is still in working condition, offer it to friends or relatives. List the set on a neighborhood or local area website or Facebook page that have items for sale or for free. It’s better to reuse than to dump.

Junk Removal: If you want an easy way to get rid of your old TV without leaving your home, contact a residential junk removal company. These companies for a small fee will come to your home, pick up unwanted items, and dispose of them properly. Companies like McJunk will dispose of, recycle, or donate the things they pick up, depending on the item and its condition.

To get rid of your old television or any unwanted items in your household, contact McJunk, and schedule a junk pick-up today. Call 919-850-4377.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Taking Apart And Getting Rid Of Your Old Bed

Old beds and bed frames can be a hassle to remove from a home. They are bulky, heavy, and require some work to disassemble. As a result, many homeowners struggle to get rid of them.
Mattresses, bed frames, and other bed parts can indeed be hard to discard. But this is only the case when someone tries to dispose of a bed without the proper information. This article will make the process easier.

Many bed frames will not fit through the door of the room where they are located. Several steps are needed to take apart a bed frame to get rid of it. Know that solutions are not limited to one option, though. Some homeowners opt to disassemble a bed and get rid of it on their own. Others call their local junk removal company. These companies can help lessen the burden of bed frame disposal and disassembly!

How to Disassemble a Bed

The bed frame should be dismantled first. Get the mattress and box spring off the bed. A few tools might be required to get the bed frame taken apart. But it shouldn’t be too hard.
Loosen up the footboard with a screwdriver, then remove it and put it aside. Next, get the bed away from the wall and loosen the headboard. Do this gently and unscrew the headboard, then put it aside. The body of the frame is the last thing to be loosened. Bolts hold the frame together; they will have to be removed once this is done, pile the frame parts up. Bed rails and other parts might need to be taken apart, but this depends on the type of bed. If nothing else needs to be removed, the next step can be taken.

Call McJunk to Get Rid of Your Bed

At this point, once the bed frame is taken apart, a local junk disposal company can be called. Anyone based in the Raleigh area should contact McJunk for disposal services. Homeowners can visit their website and talk to a representative to book an appointment and discuss what needs to be removed from the home.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, the company will come to the property and pick up the bed, including the disassembled frame, mattress, and bedspring. Since McJunk is a Reuse, Recycle, Donate, and Disposal company, they will decide where each item will be taken.

Taking apart a bed will make the job simpler for a disposal company. It could also be cheaper. But it’s not necessary to disassemble the bed frame McJunk can take care of everything. Prices will vary for services but call McJunk to get a quote. With years of experience and great prices, getting rid of a bed has never been easier when you use McJunk removal services. Just call 919-850-4377 to discuss your bed frame disposal needs with a representative.

Monday, March 2, 2020

How to Organize Your Garage Like a Pro

The garage is one of the most unappreciated spaces in the house. Most people use their garage as a dumping ground for unwanted, broken, or “maybe I’ll need this in the future” items. Keeping this space clutter-free, this is a losing battle, but there comes a time when you have to clean it. Most people find that the garage is overflowing with an insane amount of cobwebs and junk, and cleaning it is an overwhelming thought. Organizing the messy garage and scheduling junk removal is made easier if you follow these simple tips:


Set aside a whole day. Start by getting everything out of the garage. Pile the items on your driveway and sort into a keep, sell, donate, or throw out piles. Don’t get caught up organizing the collection of things to keep. If there is a large number of items to throw out, call a reliable junk removal company to handle the trash.


Everything is out, and the garage is empty. Clean the garage top to bottom. Dust with a dry rag, then wipe surfaces with a damp cloth. If there is mold, use warm water with vinegar or bleach. Clean the walls top to bottom. Mop the floor. Spread clay cat litter to help absorb any oil. Scrub the stubborn grease and oil stains using a wire scrub brush.


Come up with a plan. Plan how you want to hold items. Purchase boxes or containers, if needed, and have them on hand.


Make smaller piles from your keep pile and categorize them either by function or size. Get your tools in one box, nuts and bolts in the other, and so forth. Place sporting equipment in another pile. It makes your work more manageable, and misplacing items becomes a thing of the past.

Use boxes or bins you have on hand to store the items. Don’t make the mistake of getting one big box and placing all the things in there. Sort all the smaller items out and put them in small boxes. Label the boxes so you don’t have to open them to find out what’s inside.  Place boxes that include items that are not needed regularly on the higher shelves.

Getting the garage cleaned out and organized makes it look much better, with no wasted space, and you have an easier time working in the garage.

If you have too much junk, a residential junk removal company can help you out with it. McJunk is a residential junk removal company capable of handling all your trash with ease. Contact us today and get a quote. Leave the trash to the professionals.

Monday, February 3, 2020

All You Need to Know About Scrap Metal Recycling

McJunk recyclingWith an ever-increasing rate of pollution, the idea of sustainability is being preached all across the globe. It is essential to realize one’s responsibilities at an individual level and hence contribute towards minimizing waste and saving mother earth.

When talking about waste reduction, recycling is one method available to each of us. Most of the time, we fail to realize that almost every item we use can be recycled. Metal recycling is one such impactful way to reduce waste.

Sorting and disposing of waste metal scrap is a tedious task for households. However, rather than dumping metal in landfills, you can choose a better alternative. Take the metal to a recycler.
Recycling scrap metals is beneficial because:

  • It is easier and cheaper to reuse metals than to extract virgin metal from the depleting ore deposits
  • Considering the time this task requires, recycling metal is highly efficient. Most metals can be recycled in 2-3 months. Steel and aluminum are the most recycled metals.

For recycling, metals can be broadly classified into the following two categories:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Non- ferrous metals

Metal recyclers purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Non- ferrous metals are generally more valuable than the ferrous ones.

Non-ferrous metals – Metals that do not contain iron are called non- ferrous metals. As a result of the absence of iron, the metals are lighter in weight and do not possess any magnetic properties. These metals find their application mainly for industrial purposes like pipes, aircraft, and wiring. Some examples of non- ferrous metals are aluminum, copper, nickel, brass, and lead.

Ferrous metals – All metals containing iron are known as ferrous metals. Because of the iron, these metals are known for their strength. Carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron are some common examples. These metals are used in the construction of cars, bridges, and buildings.

Metals can be recycled again and again with only a slight degradation of quality. No metal ever degrades to the point of not being able to be recycled. Recycling metals still uses energy, but 95 percent less than new production.

After looking at the benefits and the need for recycling metals, pledge to recycle the waste metals in your household. Even tiny scraps can be recycled.

Want to be sure your metals are recycled? Contact McJunk at 919-850-4377. We offer metal trash pickup services and have expertise in responsibly converting these scrap into reusable goods.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Dumpster Rental vs. Hiring a Junk Removal Company

There are several reasons someone might need to get rid of large volumes of waste. Construction projects can accumulate mountains of trash. A garage, basement, or attic cleanup could also result in a lot of debris. Discarding furniture or other clutter can cause a pile-up of garbage. Most homeowners do not have the equipment to haul all these items to a local landfill. In any of these situations, junk removal will need to be arranged. There are two possible solutions to these situations. One option is to rent a dumpster. A rental is a less expensive option but involves more work. Alternatively, a junk removal company can do all the heavy lifting. This article will go over the pros and cons of each choice.

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental services are ideal for people who are working on small projects. Rentals are cheaper and allow individuals to get rid of the waste as they work. In short, dumpster rentals are suitable for anyone wanting to work at a self-set pace. Still, while there is a lot of freedom in a dumpster rental, it comes with some requirements. There has to be an accessible level area on the property to set the dumpster. The person renting the dumpster may have to acquire a permit for the dumpster (some jurisdictions require permits to limit where the dumpster is placed, and the amount of time it is allowed to be there). This process can require extra money and time. In addition to renting the dumpster, rentals require payment for dumping the trash (usually based on the amount of waste and any dumping fees at the landfill). These issues will have to be sorted out individually. Research any local rules about dumpsters to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Hiring a Junk Removal Company

When getting rid of a sizeable amount of waste, a junk removal company is a necessity. With a large amount of trash, doing all the work alone ceases to be cost-effective. Fees pile up, and work becomes inefficient. Getting a junk removal company will make a big project run smoothly and create less hassle overall. All of the hard work will be done by someone else. So there is no worry involved. Every inch of an area will be made clean by professionals. Pricing will depend on the volume of the trash, but it is worth getting this service, especially if a project has to be completed in a limited timeframe. This service can also be a good option if there isn’t enough space on-site to accommodate a dumpster. Even if there is a smaller amount of waste involved, this convenient service can be useful. The bonus of using a junk removal company is that they will sort all items into trash, recyclables, and donations and distribute them accordingly. This service helps keep items out of the local landfill.

For more information on hiring a junk removal company for your next clean-out project, contact McJunk at 919-850-4377.